Real Estate Specialists for Private Investors

As part of the KanAm Grund Group, KanAm Grund Privatinvest is the expert for open-ended real estate funds. Established in 2000 as an internationally active real estate capital management company, KanAm Grund Privatinvest launched the LEADING CITIES INVEST fund in 2013.

Today, a large number of private investors place their trust in this successful fund – and with good reason:

Our teams in Frankfurt am Main, Paris, Luxembourg and Atlanta are experts in real estate investment.

On behalf of LEADING CITIES INVEST, we invest in quality real estate in international metropolitan areas.

In the process, we make independent decisions while maintaining a long-term perspective – always in the interest of our investors.

A clear strategy: Investing in metropolitan areas

Real estate is a long-term investment. This is why our investment experts choose high-quality buildings in rapidly growing metropolitan areas. We apply strict criteria and pay special attention to characteristics such as the following:

  • high-quality real estate (Core and Core Plus)

  • high occupancy rates and long-term rental agreements

  • financially solvent tenants with good creditworthiness

  • select locations

  • solid construction quality

  • favorable development opportunities through active property management

  • sustainability and energy efficiency

But how can the megatrend of growing cities translate into a real estate investment strategy?

It takes long-standing international experience, exceptional market access, a deep understanding of the market and solid evaluation criteria. Knowing this, we developed a special scoring model specifically designed to evaluate properties in fast-growing metropolitan areas. From this solid basis, we choose suitable properties and skillfully turn the megatrend into a portfolio. With this innovative approach, we have once again set standards in the industry.

Experienced management

The management of KanAm Grund Privatinvest consists entirely of well-known real estate experts.

Sascha SchadlySascha Schadly
Sascha Schadly
Managing Director

Sascha Schadly

Jan Jescow Stoehr
Jan Jescow Stoehr
Managing Director

Jan Jescow Stoehr

Olivier CatusseOlivier Catusse
Olivier Catusse
Managing Partner/CEO

Olivier Catusse

Heiko HartwigHeiko Hartwig
Heiko Hartwig
Managing Director

Heiko Hartwig

Supervisory Board


Dietrich von Boetticher
Lawyer, Munich
– Chairman –

Matti Kreutzer
– Deputy Chairman –

Hans-Joachim Kleinert
Lawyer, Frankfurt

Dr. Werner Bals
Degree in B.A. (Dipl.-Kfm), Frankfurt

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