Open-ended real estate funds

Which real estate markets will see the best long-term development? The long-term trend and findings of a number of futurists indicate that the leading metropolitan areas are the future.

In 2013, we were the first fund provider to turn this forecast into an investment concept for private investors. LEADING CITIES INVEST invests exclusively in highly attractive cities. The concept of this first open-source next-generation real estate fund has proven to be a success.

  • Successful: competence and “very high-quality” fund management that is recognized by rating agencies

  • Profitable: a targeted return of more than 3 percent annually and dividends with a high tax-exempt ratio*

  • Flexible: suitable for savings plans starting at one fund unit (initial issue price at the fund's inception: EUR 100)**

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* Yield forecast – based on the BVI calculation method
** Depending on the technical capabilities of the custodial institutions

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