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Frankfurt (02/07/2019) – The LEADING CITIES INVEST goes green. KanAm Grund Group's open-end real estate fund has pooled the energy supply for its buildings under a new framework agreement, enabling it to become carbon-neutral in covering its requirements for general electricity and gas. This first step translates into a reduction of CO2 emissions by 646 tons per year alongside cost savings. In order to further promote the sustainability of the LEADING CITIES INVEST, KanAm Grund Group's next step is to approach the tenants of their properties and encourage them to also move their existing energy supply to be more sustainable. To achieve this, tenants are given the opportunity to benefit from the favorable conditions of the large-scale framework agreement negotiated by KanAm Grund Group, whilst simultaneously contributing to saving the planet.

Sustainability is one of KanAm Grund Group's most important business objectives. The international real estate enterprise based in Frankfurt has therefore put the utility provision for general electricity and gas in Germany and Belgium under a framework agreement with utility companies that focus on carbon neutrality in the generation of energy. With this move, KanAm Grund Group intends to drive demand for the provision of ecologically generated energy, in order to promote the share of renewable energy and the transition from fossil fuels.

About the KanAm Grund Group
The KanAm Grund Group has handled a transaction volume of over 32 billion US dollars since it was established in October 2000. The owner-managed company focuses on the individual needs of German and international investors, with the geographical emphasis being in Europe and the United States.
In order to set it up strategically to face the challenges of the future, the company was reorganized into three business divisions under the umbrella of the KanAm Grund Group: KanAm Grund Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft (an open-end real estate fund), KanAm Grund Institutional Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft (a special real estate fund) and the new KanAm Grund REAM (international investment & asset management advisory). The aim of this strategic repositioning is the continuous development of the KanAm Grund Group from a German real estate fund issuing company into an international real estate enterprise which provides real estate investment and asset management services to German private investors, institutional investors and international investors alike, irrespective of the investment vehicles involved.

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