FERI Real Estate Manager Rating for KanAm Grund Group

As of April, 30 2015

With the rating score »excellent (AA)« the well-known rating company FERI EuroRating Services AG has once again affirmed the quality of the KanAm Grund Group management as of April 30, 2015. In its rating report, FERI praises the efficient and flexible corporate organization and the particularly high level of innovation. From the rating report following points are particularly noteworthy:

  • »With two German management company licenses granted in 2015, the KanAm Grund Group has now the option of launching closed-ended real estate funds (AIFs) as well as mutual open-ended real estate funds and special funds in accordance with the German Capital Investment Code (KAGB). The latter two types of funds include the newly launched LEADING CITIES INVEST and KanAm Grund Europa. In addition, investment and asset management services are being offered by KanAm Grund Real Estate Asset Management GmbH & Co. KG.«
  • According to the rating agency, the KanAm Grund Group has a powerful international network in the invested markets and pursues innovative concepts with its leasing and selling activities.
  • »LEADING CITIES INVEST, a newly launched mutual open-ended real estate fund as of 2013, is in the meantime diversified with seven properties over three countries and types of use« according to the rating company.
  • »In the process of the liquidation of KanAm grundinvest Fonds as the largest real estate investment fund managed by the KanAm Grund Group, a clear and transparent strategy is being pursued with Agenda 2016«, according to FERI.
  • »KanAm Grund Group sales occur« according to the assessment of FERI »diversely throughout various sales channels in Germany and abroad. As well as private investors, the KanAm Grund Group client base includes German insurers, pension funds, foundations, KanAm Group, high net worth individuals as well as foreign, internationally invested institutional investors and sovereign wealth funds.«
  • The comprehensive support for sales partners and investors, the very well structured sales concept and the innovative communication channels such as videos, for example, are highlighted by FERI as particular strengths in the customers rating criterion.

FERI Real Estate Fund Rating for LEADING CITIES INVEST

As of March 31, 2015

As of March 31, 2015, the well-known rating agency FERI EuroRating Services AG has affirmed the quality of LEADING CITIES INVEST. On the basis of a qualitative evaluation an overall rating of »very good (A)« was, once again, confirmed for the fund.

FERI Real Estate Fund Rating for LEADING CITIES INVEST

As of September 30, 2014

For the third time since LEADING CITIES INVEST was launched, the well-known rating agency FERI EuroRating Services AG has confirmed an overall rating of »very good« (A) for the fund. For its Performance, LEADING CITIES INVEST achieved an excellent rating.

  • All in all, LEADING CITIES INVEST, which recorded a one-year performance of 3.2% as of the end of 2014 - making it the top performer among mutual funds purely for private investors – achieved an excellent rating for its performance.
  • »According to the latest information to be published, it seems that the fund is maintaining its ability to generate its target performance while incurring a low level of risk,«, says FERI.
  • In its assessment of the fund's real estate portfolio, FERI praised the »excellent microlocations« and »high property quality«, awarding LEADING CITIES INVEST a subrating of »very good -«
  • The result of the rating for LEADING CITIES INVEST's financial structures is also positive. The fund's strengths in this area include »better liquidity planning options under the KAGB due to the (12-month) notice period.«

FERI Ratings as of September 2013

Shortly before sales of LEADING CITIES INVEST start in the fourth quarter of 2013, well-known rating agency FERI EuroRating Services AG has issued an extremely positive assessment of the first new-generation open-ended real estate fund as of September 30, 2013, giving the KanAm Grund Group's innovative fund an overall rating of "very good"(A).

As part of a separate assessment of the KanAm Grund Group, FERI also rated the company and its management as being "excellent" (AA) overall as of September 30, 2013.

FERI Real Estate Manager Rating

Rating agency FERI also analyzed and rated KanAm Grund, which was formed in 2000, as of September 30, 2013. The assessment is based on an evaluation of the quality of the company, its product range, processes, and customers. Its goal was to objectively evaluate the company's management quality from a neutral perspective.

FERI awarded the KanAm Grund Group an "excellent" (AA) rating overall. KanAm Grund was rated "excellent" (AA) in three of the four categories (company, processes, and customers); its product range was awarded a "very good" (A) grade.

Commenting on this rating, Managing Director Heiko Hartwig concluded, "Like many other investment companies, we went through a number of difficult years due to the financial market crisis. FERI's extremely positive evaluation of our company shows that we have learned the right lessons from the crisis and are ready to move forward with a new, innovative, and attractive offering for our investors."

FERI Real Estate Fund Rating

Following several weeks' analysis by FERI of LEADING CITIES INVEST's performance, portfolio, and financial structures, and extensive media coverage, this innovative fund with its exclusive focus on major cities is starting out on the best possible footing. Developed on the basis of the new "Kapitalanlagegesetzbuch" (KAGB - Capital Investment Code), the fund is redefining the ideas of future viability, security, and performance, with its blend of characteristics offering the maximum level of security currently achievable.

"We have invested over a year of development work, our innovative strength, and our many years of experience in LEADING CITIES INVEST to ring in a new, promising future for open-ended real estate funds on the basis of the KAGB, which came into effect from July 2013," explained Hans-Joachim Kleinert, Managing Shareholder of KanAm Grund. "We were determined to be the first company to leverage the improvements made under the new code to offer what investors have been proven to want most today after years of crisis: maximum security."

The result of this development work is reflected in the ratings received from FERI: The agency gives LEADING CITIES INVEST "excellent" (AA) grade for each of the returns, risk, capital structure, and income risk criteria. The attractiveness of the locations and the properties, and the fungibility of the units are rated "very good" (A or A-).