Investments in premium international properties

Our strategic focus in terms of real estate is geared to achieving the following goals: building and maintaining a PremiumPortfolio by acquiring core properties at selected locations in international cities. “Core” properties are those of the highest quality. Their key features are:

  • High leased rates and long-term leases
  • Solvent, highly creditworthy tenants
  • Selected locations capitalizing on all the benefits of the surrounding area
  • High-quality buildings and energy technology installations

Properties with these features offer the best chance of securing high leased rates and long-term leases and therefore generating stable income.

After all, not every investment opportunity generates solid income and long-term capital appreciation. Selecting promising properties requires many years’ international experience and extensive research. In this area, we are able to draw on the decades of experience amassed by our own experts and their networks as well as by our colleagues throughout the KanAm Grund Group and their networks.